Michigan Tech planning to reopen campus

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Michigan Tech will be running what it calls a “soft launch” of on-campus functions at the end of July, as explained by John Lehman, the Vice President for university relations and enrollment.

“What we intend to do is get facilities and other folks on campus positioned so that we can best understand what the campus looks like,” he explained, “and how it operates underneath all these new conditions that were forced upon us with the pandemic.”

Despite reopening, the campus isn’t throwing caution to the wind. They’ll be instead transferring to a series of security levels, on a scale of one to five, one being the lowest and five the highest.

“We’re gonna be entering into level three, which is right in the middle,” Lehman said. “So, we’re obviously taking precautions but we’re also enabling students to learn to a certain extent face-to-face, which is what they wanna do. That’s why they come to Houghton.”

Along with new precautions, the university has set up the husky emergency assistance fund, made up from the collected offerings of donors to the school. The fund is meant to provide aid to those affected financially by the virus.

However, Michigan Tech still plans on keeping the fund after COVID is over, whenever that may be.

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