City of Sulphur installs final two replacement water filter vessels

Sulphur, LA (KPLC) – Some good news for the City of Sulphur as progress has been made at the Verdine Water Treatment Plant in the city’s effort to deliver clear water to its residents.

Discolored water has plagued the City of Sulphur for years. Residents washing clothes or running baths with brown or yellow water. However, some of the city’s improvements are expected to soon start paying off.

“It’s been a long process, we knew it would be. We started this actually in early 2020,” Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahay said. “Of course, it got delayed by COVID and also by the storms. Now that it’s coming to fruition, we’re starting to see a great improvement in our water quality coming out of that facility and hopefully it will aid the citizens of Sulphur.”

The final two water filter vessels have been installed – meaning the project is almost done.

“There was eight filter tanks that we wanted to replace,” Danahay said. “This completes the replacement of those eight tanks.”

The next step is getting them online and giving the department of health testing samples, which is expected to happen this week.

“We’re already seeing some great improvements in the water quality leaving that plant. We expect that to get better,” Danahay said. “In addition to that, we have a well that we’re currently drilling that will also aid in that.”

The city aims to further improve the quality of the water by also installing a pre-treatment system.

Danahay said he’s already started to receive positive feedback from residents about the improvement of water. He adds that flushing out the water is still something the city plans to continue when needed.

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